About The Founder, Kelly O'Hara, CPA

Sustainable Leader, CPA, Entrepreneur, Zero Waste Advocate, Yogi, and Lover of Life

Kelly's love for learning and desire to find more meaningful work has continuously led her to explore the interconnectedness of all things. Knowing that she wanted to have more of a positive impact on her community, business colleagues, and give back to those with less led her to found Sustainable CFO.  Kelly's mission is to help educate business owners about how they can be a force for good, help implement sustainable systems that support the force for good model, and provide Kelly and her team the flexibility to take yearly trips to be of service in developing countries.

Prior to forming Sustainable CFO, Kelly O'Hara was the owner of SD Holistic Accounting which was founded in 2015 and provided back office support to local businesses.  She has been providing small businesses with financial, accounting, and operational support for over 10 years.  Although she started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers right out of college, she soon discovered that small business support was where she thrived.  


Core Values

Sustainable Leadership

A Holistic approach to making decisions where all stakeholders are considered.  The aim is to care for people and planet in addition to profits.  Leave the world better than we found it.

Growth Mindset

Approach new challenges with a beginners mindset. Meet setbacks and errors with compassion and enjoy the journey.


Assume that everyone is doing their best.  Choose love over fear.


Health and wellness are a priority. Sustainability of self is essential for the long term goals of SCFO.


Doing the right thing, even when things are hard.


Sustainable CFO


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